Eagles College

Education is life itself

Welcome to Elementary Level!

Our Elementary Program is an eight year block in which the students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the English and Spanish languages.
Eagles’ College has an immersion program in which the teachers are teaching in the English and Spanish languages. Our students are receiving twenty-six hours of instruction in English per week in subjects such as reading, language arts, phonics, mathematics, science, arts, social studies, and technology.
At all level, students are encouraged to discover their abilities and talents and to experience different activities in our after school program.
The program also emphasizes universal family values such as respect, responsibility and honesty which are reinforced in our daily activities and discussions.
Evaluation does not mean competition; it means perseverance and improvement. Our system gives the student the opportunity to experience the process in a non-threatening and non-competitive environment.
The Elementary Program gives each student an enriching and productive educational experience.
We invite you to participate in the Eagles’ College educational program, «a different attitude in education»

Full day program

Eagles’ College has provided a full day academic program for the community since it’s founding in 1999.
Our day begins at 7:45 am and the morning includes two fifteen minute recesses. The children have lunch at 1:00 pm and families can choose to have their children eat in our casino or be picked up and eat at home. Classes resume at 1:45 and finish at 4:00 pm.
Our After School Activities such as soccer, karate, theater, art, music, handball, and dance begin at 4:15 pm and finish at 5:15 pm. They are free of charge. Parents can choose to enroll their child in one or two activities.

Family Values

Eagles’ College believes in values education and we teach and reinforce universal family values such as: respect, responsibility, honesty, obedience, generosity, friendship and fellowship, and tolerance.
Our school tries to model and reinforce these values through example. We also emphasize the development of the ability to resolve any difficulty through dialogue, compromise and listening to different points of view.
Each month our students select two classmates in each class who reflect the value that is emphasized during that period. The students receive a certificate in our weekly civics assembly which is attended by all our students.