Eagles College

Education is life itself

The evaluation system is different from other schools because it is lived with a different mindset.
According to our Assessment System, evaluations should take different forms, and based on this I would like to share some thoughts with you:
What are evaluations and how should you interpret their results?

To the Parents

Evaluations should mean..
  1. A guide that can be considered useful to stimulate what your child already knows and to support him / her in the areas s/he needs to improve.
  2. Valuable information to know where you child needs help or reinforcement.
  3. An indicator of limitations and strengths.
  4. A source of information about real performance..
Evaluations SHOULD NOT mean..
  1. A reason to be upset when you child does not reach your expectations.
  2. A source of conflict.
  3. Study to obtain a grade.
  4. A means to stimulate competitiveness.
  5. A stimulus for intellectual superiority.

Adaptado de documento P. Lafourcade curso Actualización Prácticas Pedagógicas de CPEIP. entregado por Dirección Provincial de Iquique

Eagles’ College, considers evaluation as a process, that needs to be applied before, during and at the end. That is to say permanently, systematically and promptly. There is no need to create a especial event to assess students’ performance. We need to give the same consideration and attention to the effort made, strategies and procedures used by the students as well as the results obtained by them.

It is important to allow the students to make mistakes, because it offers teachers the opportunity to identify difficulties students might be experiencing in the learning process and therefore, be able to provide feedback, reteaching or modify strategies if necessary.

Students at the same time, have the opportunity to discover and analyze the mistake and have the time to correct it and learn from it As teachers and parents, we help students gain satisfaction from their own achievements. You can also help your youngster analyze his own cognitive strategies and the steps used in the learning situation (Vigotsky).

Evaluation as a process, allows us to know how students are doing in relation to the performance objectives and make adjustments if necessary to help students. Since the overall objective is that all students can learn.

Finally, the evaluation process must show students what is expected from them and at the same time help them build strategies to do their work and guide them to achieve the objectives so they take an active role in the learning.