Eagles College

Education is life itself


Mrs. Rosa Ma. Retamales is the head of the technical- pedagogical department at Eagles’ College. Basically, she is in charge of the academics in Elementary, Middle, and High school. She also works very closely with the Pre School coordinator to ensure a smooth transit for the students in kinder to the elementary level.
She is a teacher of English, with a major in linguistics and a Master’s degree in curriculum. She also holds a degree in International trading with a minor in business management. Currently, she is studying school orientation to supplement her pedagogical background.

Mrs. Retamales teaches curriculum and general didactics to the teaching programs at UNAP, where she has also taught several other courses of English at the same establishment since 2001.

Professor Retamales co created the English Programs for Pre School, Elementary, and High School, as well as the Program for our school to become a Bilingual educational establishment. She has launched various PME’s in the school searching to improve the level of education of the students and preparation of the staff.

Her objective is to make students discover the joy of learning so they can make the best of their learning process.