Eagles College

Education is life itself

The teacher at Eagles’ College must be a person who is always eager to learn and press to become a better professional. Must be pro active innovative, organized, responsible, and committed with the Educational Program of the establishment (PEI). He must enjoy team work, be creative and place especial attention to details of his job. Be a leader to his group of students. Show strong social abilities and establish emotional links with different members of our community.

Psychological, Physical, and emotional Areas

  • Emotionally balanced, patient, and physically fit to match the requirements of his teaching practice; able to give support to his students or parents whenever is necessary.

Professional Area

  • Master his area of expertise
  • Class management
  • Promote the family values that are important at Eagles’ College through daily examples.
  • Attend and approve, at least, one training course a year.
  • Have a proficiency test certificate if teacher of English.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation.