Eagles College

Education is life itself

In the year 2006 Eagles’ College receives the Official Dereet to become a Bilingual school and for the creation of the English Study Programs.


Due to the fast pace of globalization, it is necessary to raise citizens with a world view who possess the right tools to study permanently, interact, and communicate in a lingua franca such as English.


Raise our children with a moral and responsible character, people who respect the human condition, their rights and obligations. Raise people who are acquainted with our traditions and origins, and at the same time, able to value individual differences and life itself.

Eagles’ College has mainly been created to satisfy the need of society to form responsible citizens who are engaged not only with their surroundings but also with the world.

In our teaching duty we privilege and respect the individual over the learning teaching process. We
discover and develop the abilities in our children in a rich learning environment full of family values and a strong syllabus fully oriented towards Spanish and English linguistic abilities; which are in agreement with the actual educational policies and the demands of the current society which require people who understand that high quality education can offer better opportunities in their future professional lives.

To comply with our objectives, Eagles’ College offers a Schedule with long hours, plus after school activities which directly benefit our vision to form highly motivated individuals who are able to relate and adapt to the changes and challenges awaiting in this new century.

The key to match the developed countries is to improve the quality of education, since this is fundamental for the type of professional being formed who will run this country in the future. If this demand is not fulfilled, the creation, innovation, and development of technologies will influence the productivity of this country which will drastically drop.

Our goal is to educate our children in a bilingual environment from Preschool (pre Toddler) through Eighth grade, where English is the second language. From Ninth grade up, subjects are taught in Spanish. However, we count with a Special English Program in High School which comprises 3 levels of proficiency (Elementary, Pre Intermediate and Intermediate).This system allows students to learn the language according to their competency levels, and escalate until they become very proficient. The teaching learning process at Eagles’ College is permeated by family values and principles so students can become a complete being.

We empower the development of the mind, the body, and artistic capabilities of each student. This includes after school activities such as soccer, karate and other sport disciplines, along with ballet, arts, drama, music, etc. This contributes to educate students with a mindset and opinion about different topics who understand healthy growth and development as vital features to life.