Eagles College

Education is life itself


Eagles’ College provides new students with re teaching classes in English when these students are in the process of developing their linguistic abilities but they have not yet reached the class level. These classes are taught twice a week right after the school hours. The objective of this re teaching lessons is to provide the students with vocabulary and structure in English to build the second language. Attendance is compulsory and parents receive performance reports every semester.
Students are grouped in two: From 1st through 4th and from 5th through 8th grades. They are subject to level graded work according to age and abilities.


Eagles’ College provides re teaching classes in Spanish to those students who have encountered difficulties in the process of learning how to read and write, especially students in first grade and foreign students whose first or second language is not Spanish.


Eagles’ College emphasizes the development of logical thinking and math skills in all the students. There are times, when teachers detect some difficulties in the learning of certain contents or development of abilities or strategies; then students are requested to attend this re teaching classes until they feel comfortable with what they know and have accomplished. These classes take place right after the school hours once or twice a week.